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The pigment processing enterprises - Shanghai dye Institute Limited Order Division I drying production equipment for pigment

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Feedback According to the production department, to November 19, 2012 Shanghai Dyestuffs Research Institute Co., Ltd. Order DW-1.4 × 10 belt dryer, the the EYH-4000-type two-dimensional motion mixer inspected urgent shipments.

The Shanghai dye Institute Co., Ltd. is a domestic food coloring industry leading enterprises, food colorings and edible aluminum lake all varieties of national standards drafted by the set of scientific research, production, testing, trade as one enterprise.

Conversion from the former the Shanghai dye Institute June 2002, its shareholders: Shanghai Dyestuff Co., Ltd., Jiangnan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., Shanghai Huayi (Group) Company.

And is one of the professional institute engaged in research and development of dyes, pigments, additives and fine chemical products in China, the China Dyestuff Industry Association unit. Assume the former Ministry of Chemical surfactants Quality Inspection Center, Shanghai the technical supervision dye Quality Supervision and Inspection Station, Shanghai disable detection task of the second sub-centers of the dye and application products testing center. At the same time, the sentinel unit of China's largest specify the production of food additives, synthetic colorants.

The company produces the "Lion's Head" brand "grid green" two brands, products include synthetic pigment, natural pigment, food color lakes, antioxidants (TBHQ), including more than 50 varieties of hundreds of specifications. For eight consecutive years was named the "high-tech enterprises, 15 to apply for various types of patent, has been four invention patents, 9 appearance patent licensing. "Lion's Head" brand food coloring for seven consecutive years won the "Shanghai Famous Brand" title, and in 2004 was recognized as "Shanghai Famous Trademark". The annual output of all kinds of food additives, colorants 1500 tons, comprehensive scale ranks first in China, the world's second-products are widely used in food, pharmaceuticals, beverages, cosmetics and other industries, products sold throughout the market share of up to 60%.

Such a the pigment processing enterprises with international production levels, product quality requirements can imagine is very harshly to efforts to eliminate a number of competitive enterprises have become their suppliers, the company through a series of rigorous evaluation. Comprehensive strength I have fully explained to the ultimate success of cooperation, from the initial business qualifications, the feasibility of technology demonstration program late, is worthy of the international production of large enterprises trust, such as Shanghai Dyestuffs Research Institute!

The order DW-1.4 × 10 type belt dryer, the device effective drying length of 10 meters, is divided into five drying unit, each unit with a hot air circulating fans, strip machine with Paishi fan . Air by electric heating tube heated from the bottom up through the mesh belt material, in full contact with the material part of the hot air from the heat exchanger Paishi fan forced discharge, most of the hot air continues to be recycled. The the new wind supplementary mouth and moist discharge port is arranged on both sides of the device surface. This arrangement allows the hot air flow rate is high, easy to pass through the layers of material, favor dry materials taken away by the water vapor. Host overall steel frame structure, the inner and outer wall made of stainless steel, and insulation; contact with the material, mesh belt, fixed network with the tablet, backgauge piece unit interval board positions are made of stainless steel; pole of the mesh belt links mesh with the sprockets, chains, circulating fans and humidity and fan are made of stainless steel. Before cooperation with the Shanghai dye Institute Ltd., our company has accumulated years of experience in pigment drying, I believe we have the ability to dry help can be provided for the more pigmented processing production enterprise, welcome to inquire!