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A well-known manufacturer in the Chinese dryer industry


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Xianfeng Hydergine "2012 China top ten enterprises of chemical drying equipment-winning

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December 10, was held in Xi'an, China's 2012 top 10 top 100 chemical equipment and chemical unit equipment conference, released at the same time there is a drying equipment the top ten list of the chemical unit equipment.

The event is sponsored by the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation of Small Business Committee, the National Petroleum and Chemical Network, which is the field of chemical equipment for the first time released a hundred charts, of our xianfeng drying company is proud to be awarded the "2012 China Chemical dry equipment top ten enterprises. This is certainly a highly xianfeng drying company results.

We will continue to achievements when power, honor when the spur, do better, so this side of the industry a banner forever flying, make new contributions to the development of the drying industry!