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A well-known manufacturer in the Chinese dryer industry


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Xianfeng held a year-end summary of the General Assembly in 2012

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January 26, 2013 at 14:00 pm, Jiangsu Xianfeng Drying Engineering Co., Ltd. held a the annual corporate year-end summary of the General Assembly. Meeting, general manager of investigation Association Fong made on the 2012 Xianfeng dry the overall operations of the reporting introduced, fully affirmed the hard work of all employees paid during the year and achieved excellent results.

Figure 1 investigation Association Fang, general manager of the year-end report

Face the 2012 International grim economic situation, Xianfeng With indomitable spirit, badly, in the fiercely competitive market Kangzhu pressure head Endeavour, has already made good progress and development: technological innovationthe company made nine of invention and utility model patents; Jiangsu Provincial Famous Trademark "Xianfeng" trademark; drafted the company's first four were approved industry standards; 2012 China top ten enterprises in drying equipment; business sales to achieve 20% growth; equipment and fixed assets to further increase investment; staff organizational structure further additions and perfect……

Figure 3 statement by the representative of employees

The Xianfeng also like to take this opportunity, on the outstanding performance of staff in the routine work, the recognition and awards, selected a total of 25 outstanding employees of the year, and 5 list items champions and annual, quarterly and monthly sales champion. And hope that they will redouble their efforts to do their job. Other employees to emulate in their influence and lead to a more outstanding models and advanced character. Investigation Association Fong, general manager at the meeting together with all the workers of the 2013 strategic development plan prospects. Presence of staff is also encouraged by the greater achievements in the new year, full of fighting spirit!

Figure 4 advanced staff

Long-containing snake title chicho Orb of the old year and greet New Year! The 2013 Spring Festival comes loaded with the harvest of 2012 has been waving not go vibrant. As the industry leader in the enterprise, Xianfeng people in constant change and upgrade their own, as a good team, always maintaining a high degree of cohesion, high-spirited passion to new heights!