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A well-known manufacturer in the Chinese dryer industry


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Xianfeng dry in 2013, the latest exhibitor information

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14th China International Agrochemical equipment and plant protection equipment exhibition (CAC) on February 26 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, proceed as scheduled, as the industry leader drying equipment and granulation coating device, the marketing of our xianfeng elite wentattend the meeting.

Era of progress, science and technology development, and advancing with the the xianfeng special people for the theme of the exhibition launched several sets of new drying and granulation equipment, attracted a number of vendors and customers to come to consult and negotiate. Company's to participate in the exhibition to broaden horizons and open ideas, state-of-the-art learning-based exchanges and cooperation, make full use of the exhibitors the opportunity to visit customers and vendors, communication and negotiation, so as to further expand the visibility of companies in the same industry and influence, as well as learn more about the product characteristics counterparts advanced enterprise, in order to better improve their product structure, play their own product advantages. Exhibition site marketing and technical personnel confident mental outlook and sincere exchanges attitude, excellent conversation the performance the enthusiastic reception come to every one of the guests.

Through this exhibition, I had a productive session, and also realized that only by constantly introducing advanced technology, to engage in product innovation, and constantly improve the sales network in order to enable us to a higher level in the dry areas!